We at Redlan’s Work on an appointment based system. We know how long it takes each barber to give some of the best haircuts and shaves in town, at the highest quality. By knowing this and taking appointments, we are able to maximize the number of people each barber is able to see in a day. This makes it more efficient for everyone. (Who wants to sit on a waiting bench in a barber shop for 2 hours? Wondering when it going to be “their turn”?) That being said, we do have the occasional spot throughout the day where there will not be an appointment booked, in which we are more than happy to accommodate a walk-in customer. Provided that the barber has the entire amount of time to do the requested service before the barbers next scheduled guest arrives. These walk-ins services will not be shortened or rushed in order to “SQUEEZE YOU IN”. We know everyone thinks their hair only takes 5 minutes to cut, but part of what makes us “Second to None” is our attention to detail and our refusal to cut corners, when it comes to a great quality service. Thank you for your understanding. Best bet if you want to get an appointment same day, is call ahead!

Please click on either one of the tabs t down below or click the one above. It will take you to our schedule system. Follow all steps to schedule an appointment. If you are having trouble please call us at (208)921-2720


The ultimate grooming experience for the man who needs to de-stress and look his best. Includes the Men's Haircut, relaxing shampoo with an invigorating hot towel on the face, light face massage, and then styled to perfection. Starting at $30


Haircut. Enhanced with a beard trim; a blend of barbering technique to help you achieve your desired beard and facial hair look. Finish with an energizing composition hot towel ritual. Sarting at $40

Get in with a haircut and style including a straight razor finish on the neck with a  steaming hot towel on the back of the neck. shampoo upon request. Starting at $25

Just for 6-12 years old. Starting at $20 All the elements of the Men's Haircut.Where young men are concerned, we ask that they be old enough to sit in the barber chair, unaccompanied, and sit still for the entire length of the cut. If you feel this may be a challenge for your youngster, we suggest he may still be a bit young to begin at Redlan’s, and we would be glad to help you find a place for him until that time occurs. For those that are in the shop waiting to get haircuts, or waiting on a family member, we ask that you please keep an eye on them, and not allow them to run wild. Horsin’ around will not be tolerated and we’d rather them hear it from you than us. When in doubt, give us a shout!

A blend of barbering technique to help you achieve your desired beard and facial hair look. Finish with an energizing hot towel ritual. Starting at $25

Beginning with the application of several hot towels and pre-shave oil to prepare the skin, followed by a rich moisturizing shaving lather. The face is then shaved with a straightedge blade, followed by more hot towels. More lather is applied for a second shave if needed, then more hot towels and finally ice cold towels are applied to close the pores. The finishing touch is a soothing after- shave lotion and a splach of after-shave tonic. Starting at $35

This is the ultimate treatment for any man: Included with The Men's Haircut and The Deluxe Hot Shave. Starting at $57

Head shave with a straight edge blade with a composition hot-towel ritual. Starting at $25

This gray blending service brings a natural and youthful look to hair and sideburns. Starting at $25

Cancelation policy: Guest arriving 5 minutes or later may be asked to reschedule for another time/date. We ask you please reschedule or cancel 2 (two) hour before your appointment. Thank you for understanding. Here at Redlan's we schedule our appointments in a timely manner. We allow more than enough time with each client to give a thorough consultation and the time needed to perform each service. Unanticipated no-shows create large gaps in the barbers schedules, leaving them under booked and without pay. We hope it is clear that our intent is to make things fair and continue to give each client the time and attention they desrve.